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At Rail Line Designs, we aim to to help people discover those special finds to create a home that they truly love. Browse our selection online to see what’s in stock, and find just what you have been looking for.


All About Us

What Is Rail Line Designs?

At Rail Line Designs, we are a couple of rail enthusiasts who greatly appreciate the history of rail activity in Canada. Despite attempting to be amateur history buffs, we also enjoy the adventure that is metal detecting, exploring and finding innovative new ways to reuse old rail material that we find. We know some call it recycling or up-cycling, but we call it finding fun ways to take something we find neat and interesting and incorporating into our homes. That is what drives us and I hope you choose us to help you put something neat and interesting into your home as well.

Rail Line Designs - Mile 0 

As most Canadian’s know, VIA’s legendary Canadian passenger train is not only iconic as one of the world’s premier passenger routes, but is steeped with history. Many Canadians traveled this route in search of adventure, new lives or to help build the country. As with every legendary route, it has to start somewhere. Rail Line Design is no exception. It started on a sunny afternoon during a casual pursuit along a former main line corridor – The Canadians former haunt in fact. Metal detector and shovel in tow, the goal was to enjoy the sunshine and find spikes. The hope was to help the owner who was using the old line as an access road reduce blown tires and equipment breakdowns caused by spun up spikes. Needless to say success was on our side that day.

The problem now became: what do we do with all these spikes????

We had dabbled in metal work before casually. Thankfully that experienced helped to give confidence enough to experiment with the newfound steel. Being quality stuff, it applied itself easily to being molded into things. The problem was finding what specifically the “things” should be. A chance opportunity to create a needed coat rack presented the perfect challenge. A challenge that we could not have imagined would become so important or would turn out so well. Proudly displayed along the entryway and holding up kids coats, the idea that others would like these racks hit us like one of the old FP9’s that would have been pulling all of those Canadians. And like that, Rail Line Designs was born.  
We really appreciate the quality of well-built items and have taken notice to the differences between things you can buy today vs. decades ago. If you ever catch yourself saying “they don’t make those like they used to…”, so have we! That’s why when we started Rail Line Designs, we made a commitment to always use quality material and incorporate hand built methods to perfect the look and feel of anything we produce. Part of being hand built is the fact that each product is never truly 100% the same. The other part is that we can ensure a quality job each time. Both add up to making sure that you get something truly special to add to the décor of your home.    

There is nothing quite as satisfying for us as finishing a product and knowing it is more Business Class than Coach. That is what we strive for and we hope that you enjoy that as well.


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